World Mental Health Day

Wednesday 10th October – #WorldMentalHealthDay

Mental health issues have existed for years, the language around it hasn’t. We’re becoming increasingly better at recognising mental health however more could be done. That’s why days like today are so important, to continue raising awareness!

We all know someone’s who’s struggled with mental health, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve never come in to contact with someone who’s suffered, depression, anxiety or an eating disorder. You may think you haven’t but maybe that person has never opened up or maybe they’re currently suffering and are doing a good job at hiding the signs.

This year I’ve had my own struggles with mental health, I’ve always been an anxious person but this was more. What I felt was so deep and engrained I didn’t think I’d get it out. I hated myself, and would pick at every flaw and push away my success’. I got myself in such a state that I just wanted to be alone. Being alone meant I could hide how I was feeling, no one needed to know I wasn’t okay. I struggled socialising because I couldn’t fake happy anymore. That’s when I knew I needed to pick myself up. I was able to take myself on my journey to bettering myself, I was lucky I wasn’t at the point where I needed to seek help. I probably should have found help but my anxiety held me back so knew I had to fight my feelings alone.

My issues derived from food, and I’m planning on doing a longer post all about this in the future but I thought I’d just touch on it now. I got into such an unhappy place with food. I was scared to eat certain things because they had been deemed as ‘unhealthy’. I’ve managed to pull through this, now I’m in such a better place now, I can’t even begin to describe how much happier I am.

I learnt something this year, and I think it helped me on my recovery journey. A friend of mine essentially told me to fake happy. He was naive and didn’t mean to hurt me but it taught me a massive lesson. You don’t need to be happy, it won’t make you feel better. More importantly it’s okay to not be okay. Don’t ever fake it, it’s what’s got me into a state. You don’t have to pretend you’re someone your not. You’ll get there, it just takes time.

If you’re struggling, keeping going because you’re already doing amazing. Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay we can do this!

Char xo

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