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What to expect as a Vegan

We’ve all heard that classic joke, “How do you know someone is vegan?” “Don’t worry they tell you”. It gets seriously boring, but as a vegan you put up with this on the daily!

Living in a society revolving around non-vegan food is just the norm so your seen as ‘preachy’. I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to speak up for what you believe in, veganism is on the rise and I’m all for spreading those seeds

Going vegan is pretty straight forward, well it was for me anyway. Just cut the cruelty. Okay so I know that’s easier said than done, but it really isn’t hard. You may love cheese too much, but it really doesn’t love you. Swat up your knowledge of what goes into foods and you’ll soon be converted.

I’m going to put this straight out there, you better get used to frequenting the bathroom because the goodness from all the whole foods you’re devouring will get you going. My days of constipation are long gone! Oh and I must mention, things get windy, real windy…

No being vegan isn’t any more expensive, in fact it’s probably cheaper. Your diet will consist of veggies, pulses and generally good food, therefore you can opt for budget options. However if you’re like me, you’ll end up buying all the vegan junk food, which you really don’t need but gotta show the demand.

You’ll enjoy food more than ever! I have really learnt to appreciate different foods and I actually order things I would have never before because it’s all good, clean food. My taste buds have well and truly blossomed. I used to be quite fussy but now I pretty much eat anything and everything.

There’s an assumption that as a vegan you’ll shrivel up and die because you’re lacking protein. Eating oreos for every meal is a sure way to develop a protein deficiency but if you’re eating a varied diet you’ll be just fine.

My personal favourite misconception is that as a vegan we shouldn’t be eating meat substitutes nor should the be named similarly. As a previous carnivore I can vouch that meat tastes good, however cruelty doesn’t.

So if you’re thinking of trying veganism, these are a few things you need to brace yourself for!

Char xo

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