What I got for Christmas!

I just couldn’t resist sharing with you the goodies I got for Christmas, I know these posts are a love hate sort of vibe but I’m deffo on the love side.

I’ve been stalking lots of bloggers Christmas goodies, which is risky business because I tend to get all excited and go on a shopping haul after!

I got loads of beautiful gifts from my family this year, I love a surprise so I didn’t really ask for anything. I can my Nan a few helpful hints but she got me a few bits I didn’t know about.

From my Mum I got loads of makeup and skincare, she knows me far too well. I asked for the Naked Cherry palette but the Urban Decay born to run palette was a total surprise. Gosh I can’t wait to get creative with it, so many stunning colours. I was also lucky enough to receive a few bits from benefit, I bloody love benefit but so gutted they’re not cruelty free. Come January I’ll have to cut them out of my routine!

My mum also got me a few bits from Lancôme because it’s probably one of my favourite skin care brands. Last year they released a hydra-zen gift set and thankfully they brought it back this year, so I got a top up! I also got a cleanser, toner and anti-stress cream. Very needed at this time of year.

She also got me some perfumes. I’m going to smell and look great in 2019, thanks Mum!

So I’m big into the leopard print hype so I asked my Nan to get me this lilac jumper from Henry Holland, and she delivered. I’m so in love with it. This deffo wouldn’t have been my thing last year but I’ve really changed my style up.

Continuing the leopard theme, a few weeks back I spotted that TKMaxx had some Dune bags. I’m a big fan of Dune and when I saw one with leopard on it, I knew it had to be mine. Yet again my Nan pulled through and I opened a big with this beautiful bag in it!

My Nan got me a couple of nail varnishes, sweeties and some lip balm as well.

My Dad is very unique when it comes to buying gifts, he’s recently developed a passion for buying locally. This is something I totally adore and appreciate. So most of my gifts are from local artists (Ramsgate, the town we live in) with the exception of a couple of bits I asked for.

I’ll start with one of my favourite gifts. It’s this handmade glass bee. I just adore this so much, in fact I spotted it in a local shop and told my Dad how much I loved it. Little did I know it was already mine and he had clocked it before me!

Next my Dad created me a whole hamper of handmade soaps and shampoo bars. I wonder if he’s hinting I need to wash more…. jokes aside, these all look and smell incredible and I can’t wait to get using them. I need to investigate their ingredients, ready for #veganuary

Talking about #Vegnauary my dad got me a couple of magazines full of recipes. They were greatly received as I have no idea where to start. One was for general food and the other baking. I did lean towards the baking one first, damn my sweet tooth!

My Dad also got me a dressing gown, which is one of the few gifts I requested and a dinosaur hottie.

Last but definitely not least, my Dad got me the most stunning, yet again handmade, necklace. I have been swooning over this for months. Every time there’s a market in Ramsgate I also go and have a look. Now it’s finally mine and I don’t ever want to take it off. I love that it’s so simple and dainty. I can’t wait to layer it up with a few other necklaces.

There’s definitely a few bits I haven’t mentioned. I mean I did get a whole hoard of chocolate but that’s long gone. I did so well this Christmas, I’m so lucky to have such a generous family.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, what was your favourite gift you received?

Char ♡

9 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas!”

  1. So many presents, love them all! And your dad sounds like the sweetest. I love that bee glass thing, where are you gonna put it?? And that necklace is seriously gorgeeee. I’m not big on the leopard print style on myself but I can appreciate the people that are able to pull it off. Although I actually am a little in love with that bag!

    1. I did soooo good this year, I feel very lucky! My Dad is really good at present buying.
      Leopard is my vibe, I might not pull it off but that doesn’t stop me 🙈

  2. So many amazing presents! I would love to get the naked cherry palette too, it’s so beautiful! My favourite gift was my new gym gear, as I’ve been doing pretty well with working out lately and it was about time I got something new to train in. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas ♥

    1. It’s the perfect palette! 🍒 gym clothes is such a good gift, I should have asked for some as they’re always needed. Also new clothes is good motivation! I had a lovely Christmas I hope you did as well xx

  3. You got some absolutely lovely presents! I love that necklace, it’s so pretty! I always get a load of wash stuff for Christmas and I end up starting the year with like 20 shower gels ahaha, but it’s handy to have! The naked cherry palette looks amazing too, I love getting eye shadow palette’s for Christmas, it’s so exciting to try them out for the first time <3

    Chloe xx

  4. The bee glass and palettes are sooooooo lush! What a great Christmas haul! I love these kinds of posts because I love being nosey, haha! Also so cut of your dad to help you get prepared for veganuary!!!

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