Welcome to me, The Outspoken Blonde

So here we are, at the beginning of my new adventure.

I trialled blogging a few years ago as I was going through a tough time and wanted a release. My life got busy and I fell out of love. But here I am, ready for a new challenge.

I’m a motivated gal and always looking for something new that will quench my creative thirst. Blogging is ideal as I’m so attached to social media and stalking the many blogger tags on twitter and insta. I just knew I needed to add my spin to it.

Personally I think my writing style is appalling-typos here, there and everywhere. English is not my strong subject (I mean I just added an e to strong, so thank the gods for spell check) but I’m desperate to improve. Part of this journey is for me to find myself. I’ve reached 20 and I’m still not sure I truly know who I am and where I’m meant to go. I lack confidence in every aspect of myself. Even if people tell me I have so much potential and that I will go far I manage to knock myself and let doubt creep in. I admit, I hold myself back.

I’m not going to stick to a strict schedule as I’ll create unrealistic goals and lose all hope. I really want this to work. Posts every so often, usually when something comes to mind. Currently I’ve got a few ideas bouncing around, so keep an eye out for those posts.

I want to offer advice by sharing my life experiences. I’m currently on a long journey to better myself, push myself and prove I am good enough. I want to be confident in what I post, and ultimately enjoy what I create.

I hope you join my on this creative adventure!

Char xo


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