#Veganuary – One Week Vegan

Veganuary is now in full swing, I’ve committed to the vegan diet now for a week and I can’t believe how good it’s been. I say diet as I’m yet to transition skin and body products, I want to use what I have up and then make a change. So I’ll be needing cruelty free recommendations.

Initially I was oddly anxious, I mean how hard could it be? I’ve got a rather big sweet tooth and love a bit (a lot) of pick n mix. Obviously with my new vegan diet this is a no, no as it contains gelatine. I thought finding a substitute would be a challenge, was I wrong!

Little did I know there’s so many products out there ‘accidentally vegan’ and odd things like Bourbon biscuits. Who would have thought hey? Aldi have a great range of goodies and I even managed to get my hands on some fizzy sweets. Winning.

Since starting Veganuary I’ve felt inspired to cook and try new recipes. Before I would cook but never really enjoy what I make, thankfully my Dad does and always eats the leftovers. Well he’s going to dip out now as I’ve been loving everything. I’ve never felt so content with the foods I’ve been eating.

I’ve eaten so many plants over the last week that it’s kept me full and I have loads of energy. I mean over Christmas my diet wasn’t great, with pretty much every meal incorporating chocolate somewhere….

Now let’s chat nutrition because this is probably the biggest question raised when discussing veganism. More specifically ‘where do you get your protein and calcium from?’

Simple answer is, from most things! A lot of the food we eat has protein in it, it’s not all sourced from meat. You’ll find things like peas, soya beans, kidney beans and pulses all have protein in them. Most meat substitutes have great

Since there’s such a big protein culture you can even grab yourself protein pasta. Additionally if you’re really that worried, grab yourself a protein bar but really it’s not the end of the world.

Calcium is associated with being sourced from milk and cheese. Thankfully there’s so many milk/cheese/yoghurt alternatives out there. Personally I’ve never really been a lover of milk so have always bought soya or almond milk. Oh and fun fact, vegetables like broccoli and kale contain calcium.

So as vegan you don’t need to worry about nutrition you just need to ensure you incorporate these foods in your diet daily!

Lastly, no veganism isn’t expensive! Well it has been for me as I can’t stop buying all new vegan goodies shops are releasing-oops!

So what’s stopping you from trying veganism?

Char xo

11 thoughts on “#Veganuary – One Week Vegan”

  1. I’ve alwats wondered if Vegan diets were able to make you feel full. I get really cranky when I feel hungry for too long, so I was always a little scared to try. This year I did however vow to try more vegan dishes and this pushed me even more!

    PS – I love your blogs name, it’s so catchy!!

    1. I’ve never felt so full! Probably because I’m eating all the veggies I should have been before 🙈 it’s weird not adding meat to your plate though, it used to be the main component but now beans, lentils and pulses tend to be!

      I’m so glad you’re trying more, everything I’ve made has been yummy. I definitely recommend this lentil dahl

      Thank you so much I’m glad you like it xx

  2. Did you know that broccoli has more protein in it than meat does? You can get all the protein you just just from eating your daily source of veggies! I’m not ready to go full vegan, but I am vegetarian. I still enjoy my cheese too much, but I am working on cutting back on it. Vegan cheese isn’t the same and it’s way too expensive for our budget!

    1. That’s crazy, I didn’t know! Well done you though. I must say I haven’t really tried many cheese alternatives but I’ve been living the mozzarella I bought, it’s so creamy! You’re so right, here in the U.K. you can get 225g normal cheese for £1.20 but vegan cheese is £2.00 for 200g! I suppose you pay for the animals ❤️

  3. Omg that question made me feel so victimised HAHAHA like I just love cheese and meat but now I feel so damn guilty. Did you know Oreos were also accidentally vegan? 😉 I’m glad you’ve been feeling content with your meals, that sounds like a really nice feeling. I feel like I would be able to when I’m older and I’ve stopped enjoying cheese. But my dad’s a vegan anyway so I definitely have drastically reduced animal products over the last 4 years, maybe that’s why I feel like it’s gradual.

    1. I did, but I’m not a fan! I might try the Oreo thins though, they look nice! I think for me swapping to vegan, cheese and chocolate was the hardest. I never really ate that much cheese and I seem to be eating more now! Chocolate I’m still struggling with, I’ve tried a few but they’re just not the same. They’re rather bland and I miss the creamyness. I’m sure I’ll find something though!

      You’re already doing good! Xx

  4. I’ve always put off changing my diet as I hate vegetables, but I’ll definitely look into it and make some changes! I’m glad you finding it easy so far 🙌🏼 X

    1. My tastebuds have definitely changed over the years and I’ve matured. As I child I was quite anti veg but now I love them and really appreciate them being in my diet. I definitely notice if I haven’t had my veggies!

      There’s plenty out there to try now, vegan nuggets, vegan ham, vegan cheese. Even if you reduce your conflation you’ll be making a difference xx

  5. There must be a misconception about expenses as I thought being vegan would be slightly more expensive. But after reading a few vegan related posts I’ve had my eyes opened. I feel so small minded. I love your giving life a different outlook. I may try a few vegan meals within my monthly meal plan! Lovely info x

    1. No don’t be silly! I was exactly the same, it seems more expansive because you expect to be buying loads of alternatives. But it’s really no different and I’m sure it could actually be cheaper as soy mince is much cheaper than mince and it’s less hassle as you can grab it out of your freeze and cook as and when needed.

      It’s been creating trying different recipes, I feel rather inspired to cook more xx

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