Truly Scrumptious Afternoon Tea – The Lane

After months of scrolling through The Lane’s Instagram feed and drooling over all the glorious food I finally booked myself and a friend to go for afternoon tea. The Lane offers a variety of afternoon tea’s but they coincide with the season. So currently their offering is winter themed, which just makes my heart flutter.

Now I must confess I drastically lack experience when it comes to afternoon tea, I’ve only ever had one before. It’s kinda fancy schmancy and a bit too quaint. But this is different…

At £20 pp you definitely get a good spread. At first it seemed pricey but I was totally blown away with not only the quantity but the quality. Everything was incredibly fresh, beautifully prepared and the display was just breath taking. I mustn’t forget to mention the never ending pot of tea, ours was so big we didn’t need a refill but the option was there.

Okay so I now the bit you’ve been waiting for, the grand reveal. Drum roll please….

I need to take a moment, just look at all of that food!

What you get


* Cranberry and Brie slider

* Hot mini pie

* Crispy bread with ham and remoulade

* Feta and sweet potato tart

* Yorkshire with horseradish, caramelised onion and beef


* Apple, cinnamon and caramel Cupcake

* Cherry crumble cheesecake slice

* Macaroon with a raspberry filling

* Chocolate orange brownie

* Scone with ham and clotted cream

* Pumpkin cookie

Now I know I’m greedy but I even blew myself away with how much I managed to pack away. Bulking for the winter, right? I did take a couple of the sweet bits home in a doggy bag and have devoured them over the week, in fact the cupcake is being demolished as I right this.

Now I loved it all, but I did have some ultimate favs…

– The hot pie because you just can’t beat a good pie in the winter

– Feta and sweet potato tart, which wouldn’t normally be my sort of thing but this was so light and tasty

– The scone because you just can’t beat it. Now let’s clear this up, cream first then jam. You have to treat the cream like butter, wouldn’t put jam on toast then butter!

– The cherry crumble cheesecake slice was just to die for, cherries are my favourite thing so I knew it would be love at first bite.

I’m already planning my next trip to The Lane, I’m hoping to try some food off of their main menu but I’ll definitely be popping back at around April for their Easter afternoon tea!

I’d love to hear if you’ve ever been for afternoon tea and what it was like, leave a comment down below!

Char xo

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