Tasty AF Vegan Banana Bread

I’d like to say I’m a good baker, when in reality I barely dabble. Baking most definitely doesn’t come naturally to me and doesn’t always go so well. My poor Dad has been my taste tester for many a bad loaf or batch…

Finding a recipe that works turns me baking mad, this loaf is now my go-to. The recipe is faultless and super tasty. I’d go as far to saying you can literally throw all the ingredients in one bowl and it’s done.

7 ingredients is all you need!

3 ripe bananas

75g vegetable, sunflower or coconut oil

100g brown sugar

225g plain flour, alternatively you can used self-raising

3 heaped tsp baking powder, or if using self-raising omit 1 tsp

all the cinnamon/mix spice you desire

50g choc chips, or raisins for a healthier loaf

Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6 and grease a baking tin ready for your loaf mixture-these steps are so crucial, yet I always forget them…

Mash the bananas up and add your oil of choice, I used coconut and it worked a treat.

Ensure this is mix nicely together and its as smooth as possible. Now add the flour, sugar, spices and baking powder. Mix again until the mixture is stodgy but pourable.

Sprinkle in your choc chips or raisins and give another quick stir.

Pop in the oven for 20 minutes, the top should start to brown. Cover in tin foil for a further 20 minutes. After this your loaf should be done. I recommend just poking a sharp object in, I use a cocktail stick to test whether it’s done. If it comes out clean your loaf is cooked to perfection. I’m known for being an under-baker….

Allow your loaf to cool before slicing and serving. You should easily get 10 portions, or 8 chunky slices.

Char xo

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