Skin Care Consultation – My Experience

I recently popped into the body shop to have a snoop around at their new releases, grab a whiff of the Halloween specials and hopefully spy some Christmas products-yes I said the c word!

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by festivities, I don’t know about you but I’m deffo ready to embrace Christmas! The Halloween specials had pride of place, front of store. Vanilla pumpkin is this years scent, how could I say no? I grabbed the shower gel and body butter but I’m still yet to try them. Let me know if you’d like a review!

They also had their Christmas calendars at the ready, I’ve never had one before but they’re rumoured to be pretty incredible.

The reason apart from listing over the festive specials was to check out their new Mediterranean almond milk with oats mask. It just screams my name, oats, almond and milk-dreamy! I’m a bit annoyed ended up forgetting to grab it but after reading the reviews I’m definitely going back for it. Roll on pay day.

My eye’s ended up being caught by some of their skin care products. I haven’t really delved into TBS skin care but I’ve heard great things so I looked to pick up a couple of bits. I’m a bit of a skin care snob and tend to stick to high end, but there’s something about TBS product that draws me in.

Initially I went straight to the vitamin E range, however was slightly overwhelmed but the different ranges and what they offered. Fortunately for me a lovely lady spied me and came over and offered advice. A couple minutes later I was being offered a seat so that she could do a skin reading. Turns out I had no understanding of my skin at all. I always thought my skin was just dry. In fact my skin is oily but dehydrated-which I must say was a shock because I drink sooo much. However anything can dehydrate skin and it’s not all down to how much fluid you consume.

The consultation literally took five minutes. Little test strips are places on your cheeks and forehead. The results come back instantly and they’re matched to a cart and you’re told what type of skin you have, in my case oily. I was them blasted with a laser gun, jokes, it’s literally painless. A machine is held to your face and it works out your hydration levels. Mine were rather low!

That wasn’t the end to my consultation, I was swooped over to some products where I was recommended a few bits from the tea tree range. I tend to lean towards the more creamy products. I was then given a rather generous selection of samples to take home and see how I got on.

I was blown away by the service and highly recommend the skin consultation, it’s painless and quick. I learnt so much about my skin and I feel like finally I can give it the proper TLC it needs. I’m a little ashamed that I was so out of touch with my skin, who knew I had been essentially feeding it products that weren’t making the slightest difference.

I’m yet to go back and by the full sized products because I was given so much sample product it’s still going. Once it runs out I’ll be straight back there and investing!

Pop a comment down below if you’ve had a skin consultation somewhere, I’d like to know about your experience. Or let me know if you end up popping along to TBS and get a consultation!

Char xo

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