About me

Charlotte here and welcome to my blog, I’m so glad you’ve stumbled across it!

I’m a big lover of creating content I’m passionate about so my blog might be a bit of a mix bag, nothing fancy schmancy here. I love fashion, lifestyle, beauty and just general advice so you’re bound to find a post relating to one of those.

I lead a very busy life, working for the NHS currently. But in my spare time I’m a gym goer and doggo petter. Plus I feel I need to make you aware that I’m not you’re typical tea/coffee drinker, however hand me some water or hot chocolate any day. Oh, I mustn’t forget to mention you can find me on other social media sights so just click the links and follow along, you’ll be in for a treat.

I hope you continue to follow my little blog, you’re in for quite a ride

Char xo