Plastic Made Good!

So you know that annoying non-recyclable plastic that seems to come wrapped around everything, from your magazines to bananas. Well you can actually turn it into something usable!

Ecobricking is something I was aware of but hadn’t done much research on. Once I delved into the extremities of google, my eyes were opened. These bottles of plastic can be used for good. I knew I needed to get on that.

I’ve tried to be more mindful when shopping, avoiding plastic as much as possible-specifically shrink wrap and anything non-recyclable. But I’m yet to do a plastic free shop because it sneaks in there somewhere. I make sure to pick up loose veggies and I take my own shopping bags however I know I can do better. So that’s where ecobricking comes into it.

Ecobricks can be made by anyone and everyone, then used to create building blocks, furniture and other wonderful things. Ideally this is just a short-term solution for our waste, and a way of keeping it out of the oceans. For the future we’d be hoping to reduce the amount of plastic produced.

I suppose you’re wondering what do you need to do to create your own ecobrick. Well grab an empty plastic bottle and fill it to the brim with all your waste plastic. Once your bottle is complete you can send it off and it will be used for something great, especially if packed well as they can with stand a lot of pressure and sudden shock.

what can I put in an Eco Brick

Since it’s only me and my Dad at home, we don’t create too much plastic but ecobricks are a good way of seeing how much plastic waste you generate as a household. When you think of the bigger picture and that there’s 7.7 billion people on earth. That’s when it gets scary.

Now you know how to make a brick, there’s nothing stopping you! I’m definitely hooked and I find myself double checking the bin to see if something has slipped through….

I’m about three quarters of the way through filling my first bottle so once it’s done I’ll post an update. Happy ecobricking!

Char xo

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