November Roundup-My Month In Pictures

November has been such an exciting month for me! I’ve explored lots of little cafes, got my first tattoo and actually dabbled in the world of dating.

I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and I’m determined to continue with this into the new year. Although this has been tricky at times it felt good!

Anyway here’s a few of my favourite shots from this month.

Started November off well with a bit of leg out, that didn’t last long though. Got a bit nippy…
So the transition to tights happened, can’t beat tights and boot combo though. Time to crunch some leaves!
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Burro Burro, shop goals!
Can’t beat a pastry, these Waitrose ones woo’d me
A tree full of woven hearts, is a tree that pleases me
First Christmas Market, can’t wait to explore more!
Christmas is coming…
Lush have some lovely Christmas goodies, look at this
I’m not a pizza gal, but this was tasty
Got my first tattoo!
Munched on these totally adorable muffins
Consumed abundant amounts of hot chocolate

So Novemeber has been a blast, here’s to December being a good one!

How’s your month been?

Char ♡

P.s. stay tuned as blogmas starts tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “November Roundup-My Month In Pictures”

    1. Thank you so much lovely! I love the build up to Christmas so much so December is going to be beautiful, can’t wait to snap more pictures xx

    1. Aww thank you lovely, good old iPhone saves the day. Couldn’t be without my phone. I work full time so have to squeeze all the fun in on weekends, that’s why I get so excited! xx

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