My First Tattoo – grand reveal

I’ve finally got my first tattoo! So for my 21st Birthday, my lovely Mum said she’d get me a tattoo. Our lives have been busy so we’ve only just got round to getting it done, heck was that a long wait for one excited gal!

We booked it a few weeks ago now, so my agonising wait had to continue. In that time I decided I wanted to write up a post all about it. It’s a totally new experience for me so I thought I’d give you a quick low down of my opinions, how I planned for it and share a bit about getting it done.

Where I got my design from…

Pinterest-the usual culprit in my creative outspur. I spent hours scrolling through Pinterest getting to the deepest and darkest places, in all of its nooks and crannies. I’m such a indecisive person that I thought I’d never be able to get one because I would change my mind. Well I definitely changed my mind a lot but I was able to use Pinterest to pull together my tattoo. I took loads of different designs, picked them apart and built my master piece. There were times when I wanted to give up, I didn’t think I’d find perfection but I’m so glad I didn’t because I know have this beautiful piece on my wrist.

My opinion of tattoos…

Growing up I was so anti-tattoos because I thought it ruined your body. Why would you want something stamped on your body? What if you didn’t like it forever? Thankfully my perspectives have changed. I now see it as a way of expressing yourself. Especially if there’s sentiment behind the tattoo. That’s not to say you can’t have one just because you like it! I started with piercings and now I’m content with what I’ve had done I’ve moved on to bigger things. I’ve got a couple of ideas of tattoos I want, all very simplistic and dainty.

The tattoo experience…

So I rocked up, was handed a tonne of paperwork. After wading through that and signing my life away I was taken through to get it done. The tattooist doing it was brilliant, he made me feel so at ease. I never thought I’d change my mind so easily. He had to make a few (well rather drastic in my eyes) changes to ensure I got the detail I wanted. Originally I wanted colour. However with my design that just wasn’t possible. I also wanted it the other way round but he quickly talked me out of that. Thank god he knew what he was doing and I wasn’t left to it! It would look a mess.

The pain…

As I said above, I really didn’t know what the expect pain wise. When I asked the tattooist he described it bang on, more annoying than painful. Certain parts were more tender than others but it became oddly satisfying watching him fill the lines. He did say it would feel hot but I didn’t really experience that. It’s just one of those things that will be different for every person.

The meaning behind my tattoo…

As you can see I’ve got four flowers. They all represent the women in my life and one who is no longer with me.

Lily, my mums favourite flower. In fact the flowers she had at her wedding with my Father. Although they’re no longer together to me it represents their special bond together.

Bluebell for my Nan. She always had bluebells in her garden, massive patches of them and she would always tell me you mustn’t pull up bluebells. As a young child I never understood why and would imagine the Queen knocking on the door to tell me off for plucking a bluebell out. Rather radical I know! Now I understand they’re protected and the Queen won’t come knocking!

Freesia, for my Gran who is no longer with us. It feels awful to say this but I don’t remember her very well. I was so young when she left. I do have fond memories of sitting on the beach with her and my Grandad eating sandy sandwiches. How she’s like a blur. It breaks my heart but I have valued photos to remind me.

Pansy, for me. Every time I pop to a garden centre I always swoon over the stunning colours of a pansy. The pinks and yellows just compliment each other so well. I just had to add one to my design.

The healing process…

Since mine it just some simple line work I don’t really have to worry much. I was expecting to have to wrap it up, cream it three times a day, cold compress and so on. Well I don’t even have to cream it that often! Line work heals quickly, so by next Sunday I should be all good. The only thing I need to ensure is that I don’t pick at the scabbing as that can distort the tattoo. If you’ve got a bigger piece which is coloured the healing process is completely different so your tattooist should advise on this.

If you’ve come from my gram you’re probably wanting the grand reveal, the wait is now over. Here she is….

My next tattoo…

Yes I’ve already got the bug, in fact I had planned this long before getting my first one. I’m desperate for a paw print to represent the animals I’ve had and have in my life. Hopefully I’ll get this done soon!

Have you got any tattoos, if so what and where? I’d love to know

Char xo

9 thoughts on “My First Tattoo – grand reveal”

    1. I’m glad you approve! Took me a while to pull together the bits I wanted but so glad it came together. At least you’ve got a little while to decide what you want! 🙂 thankfully a tattoo wasn’t on my radar when I was 14, if it was I think I’d be too impatient xx

  1. I love your tattoo, it’s so pretty and what a thoughtful meaning too! I’ve wanted a tattoo for so long but always been scared about the pain but so many people have said to me its more annoying than painful, they said it was like a scratching feel, I’m hoping I can pluck up the courage soon!

    Chloe xx

    1. 100% do it if you want it. The pain is nothing, you end up getting used to it. I didn’t think I’d be able to watch but actually it’s weirdly satisfying. My tattooist said it’s annoying and hot. I must say it was rather annoying but didn’t feel too hot xx

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