Mario Badescu, what I’ll be using this Autumn/Winter

I’m back and I’m here to talk skincare. Something which I’ve always been religious about but I definitely let slip at times, as I’m sure you do too!

Over the summer my skin was glowing, it was sun kissed, clear and probably in the best condition it’s been in for yonks! I got so lazy with my routine because the sun was doing it all for me. I literally cleansed, moisturised and added in the occasional face mask. Now the sun has put his hat on and pretty much called summer a day it’s not been looking so fresh. My skin has gone back to its dry, flakey and spotty ways. Just the kick up the butt I needed to get back into a routine and give it the TLC it needed.

A while back I bought a selection of the Mario Badescu products because they looked like something my skin would react well to. I hadn’t really heard much talk about them but the reviews looked good so I went for the plunge. I invested in the acne kit as my skin is spot prone but as mentioned above, a bit dry and flakey.

When it arrived I was a little disappointed with the size of the products. I didn’t think they’d last me 5 minutes. However since using them I’ve learnt a little goes a long.

I went for a bundle so I could try a variety of bits, this kit called out to me I because it had the drying potion in it which I heard good things about. So getting other bits to try for £32 was a massive bonus.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty about each product…

The enzyme cleansing gel is lovely, it makes you feel fresh but can sting your eyes so you have to be really careful. It doesn’t foam up so if that’s something you like I’d give this a miss. For me it’s perfect because I hate getting all bubbly. I must say it’s not a constant in my routine because I’m obsessed with the simple cleansing gel but will reach to this if I fancy something different.

The facial spray is just glorious. When I need a burst of moisture I give my face a spritz of this and I instantly feel refreshed. It’s so light and smells so good. It was perfect in the summer on the hot days. Would also be brill for holidays so this is definitely something I’d repurchase in the future.

Flower and tonic mask is nice for a little refresh. I like to leave my masks on for an eternity and this one begins to flake off if you don’t catch it quick enough. I really don’t know my feelings on this product, I like it but I never see a difference in my skin. I use it now and then but I do have some other masks which I would reach for over this.

The silver powder is something I really can’t work out. I’d love to know how to use it because I just end up in a big mess, powder all down me and none really on my face. So if you’ve used this let me know your tips! This is to be used to target your T-Zone, it helps purify and clean out dirt. I have quite a few blackheads so I’m keen to add this into my routine

Now the drying potion-the reason I bought this kit! Safe to say I’m really disappointed with this. Looking back there are mixed reviews and I’m an unlucky one and it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve used it numerous times but I never noticed a difference. My spot is no different in the morning. Usually still a lump and still just as red…. won’t be repurchasing unfortunately.

I did add a few bits to me order as well because that clearly wasn’t enough.

My top picks from my order would be the buffering lotion and seaweed night cream. These two products have been a godsend for me. I noticed the buffering lotion helps clear up any scarring and scabbing I’ve got. I’m a stress picker, it’s my bad habit and I’ve tried so hard to change it but I just can’t. So having that little bottle has saved me. The face cream just calms my skin right down. Any redness I’ve got of an evening is gone by morning and my skin feels so plump.

Products I’m currently eyeing are the healing and soothing mask, anti acne serum, and buttermilk moisturiser. These are all 4 and a half star rated so I have my hopes set high.

If you’ve used any products from the Mario Badescu range let me know, I’d love to hear what you think. Also send me your recommendations…

Char xo

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