Margate Pride 2018

I can now officially say I am no longer a pride virgin. Can we get a whoop whoop for that!

So if you didn’t know, yesterday was Margate’s annual pride festival. Which is now spammed all over my insta, so I suggest you take a look-I’ve created a highlight for the event. Also while you’re there pop a little follow, it’s greatly appreciated. Not to blow my own trumpet but I do some quality posts. And some not so quality…

Since it was my first pride I really didn’t know what to expect, but it was so much better than I think I could have ever imagined. All over Margate crowds gathered to celebrate the diversity of love. People of all ages, race, and ability attended. Just a quick note that Margate Pride is a non profit community programme led by LGBTQIA artists-how cool!

What a buzz, there was. Everyone was happy, care free and living their best life. Maybe there was A LOT of alcohol involved but that’s a minor detail.

I loved that there was something happening everywhere you went. I spent most of my time at the sea front where the parade took place. Music was blaring, people were dancing and fun things were going down. If you took a stroll into the old town, all the local business’ were supporting the event in their own way. Outside the Cup Cake Café there was a dance tribe doing their thang. Further along the seafront up by The Bus café, there was a rave, with a bit more alcohol. Oh and I can’t forget to mention the incredible street food which was wafting it’s luscious scent all over. Fish n chips was the main culprit-good old seaside nosh!

Let’s talk the parade, probably the main event of the day. Wowzers was it good. Some of the companies represented included our amazing public services, that being the NHS, Police Force and the Fire Services. There was also some local business’ like Sundowners Bar repping their stuff. The labour party made an appearance. I must shout-out the representation of our Stroke Service, which is facing closure due to funding. In-between the floats there was people coaxing the crowd. I saw possibly some of the most garish costumes ever, it was brilliant.

So to sum up the day I would say it was a fun filled, community event were you can let your hair down and be yourself.

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Char xo

1 thought on “Margate Pride 2018”

  1. This looks like so much fun! And these pictures are incredible, I feel like I was there with you- I can hear all the music, see all the glorious colours and smell the fish and chips!💜
    Next time do you reckon you’d go in the parade?😎xx

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