Life Update : Turning Twenty One

So it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me, in fact it’s been way too long. I keep thinking about my little blog and how I used to be so inspired by it. I’ve desperately missed my blogging days. I miss the excitement of writing a new post, sharing it and getting comments. After the most inspiring chat with one of my closest friends (yes Anna who I know will be reading this, that’s you!) I’m back. Queue *guess who’s back, back again*

With my 21st Birthday rapidly approaching, 25 days-but who’s counting? Not me! I wanted to get things going before then. Plus I’ve got loads of exciting things coming up that I want to share with you. In fact tomorrow I’m going to my first pride festival. So keep your eyes pealed for a post all about that.

I’ve always had a spark for creating, whether that be journaling, writing or even religiously perfecting my insta feed, coz yes I’m obsessed. My spark is back and I’m sooo ready to embrace it.

Drop any suggestions below about posts you’d like to see from me. If you’re feeling super frisky (what a word) you could subscribe to get another delightful email in you inbox, but this time from me!

Char xo

2 thoughts on “Life Update : Turning Twenty One”

  1. I love this post so much, I’m so happy you got your blogging spark back!💜 I am so excited to see all your new posts (I’m really looking forward to hearing about your Pride weekend) and I know it will all be amazing!🙌🏻

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