Life in your 20’s is hard

No one prepared me for my 20’s, it’s meant to be all fun and games, right?

You did it, you survived the the awkward teens, that’s surely as hard as life gets. Actually your 20’s are just as messy, if not worse. This is where shit gets real!

I’ve gone from that woohoo feeling of I’m finally an adult! To wait no, abort! The £5.60 hourly rate you’re on isn’t enough to adult on…

I thought that I’d be that boss lady who’s living her best life, brunching on the daily. Reality is that I’ve been at work for three hours, I’m struggling to make it to lunch at this point, I need snacks. So what’s that thing called brunch?

Never mind brunch you’ve got that perfect work/social life balance. Wait those dreams were quickly whisked away when I realised there’s not enough hours in the day. In fact I don’t have a social life and I don’t know where the heck can I find one.

Side note to that, when did making friends become so hard? It get that’s it no longer socially acceptable to go up to someone a pull a funny face or blow a raspberry at them. I’d probably receive a few dirty looks. So how do you do it?

Ah maybe it’s time to start saving mortgage, the sooner the start the better your chances are. Hang on I’m only 21, this is too adult for my likings.

I’m exhausted from working full time. I need a nap.

Should I be settling down now…. or living. I just don’t know anymore.

I’m living in limbo, one part of me is a middle aged woman who’s just taken out the chicken to defrost, simultaneously I just melted a plastic spoon by leaving it on the hob. I shouldn’t have this much responsibility.

Hold up, hold up why the heck am I trying to follow these weird social norms! I had to follow them up until now, starting school at 5, moving to secondary aged 11. It’s time to break free.

Reality is there no one way to live your life. Someone you know may be pregnant, someone else may just be off to uni. Life no longer has requirements so don’t follow other people’s paths because that’s not your journey. Your journey should be personal to you.

Life’s actually just getting good, you may not know it yet but just trust me on this one.

Oh shit the dog ate my chicken. I’m done with adulting today.

Char ♡

8 thoughts on “Life in your 20’s is hard”

  1. Ahh great post, I love this. You’re so right, let’s break social norms and do what we want to do, I used to worry that people I knew from school were getting married or having kids and I’m still here doing neither, but I’ve soon realised that there’s no rush!

    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you lovely! Let’s say goodbye to social norms together. We shouldn’t compare ourselves, but easier said than done xx

    1. Being a kid was great. I kinda wish I could just whip out my dolls house and just have a play. Not sure that’s socially acceptable for a 21 year old 🙈

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