Let’s do more good, let’s get sustainable!

Since going vegan I have been a lot more conscious of our environment and adapted my living to be a bit more eco-friendly. I was clueless prior to my lifestyle change-to the point that my existence was of detriment. So change needed to happen…

There’s so many simple tips and tricks you can do to make an impact. I’ve compiled a list to share, hopefully these will help you make better choices but also open your eyes to the silly thing us humans do!

  1. Eat less meat – It’d be rude not to start of with this, since I’m veg….. I’ll stop there. Anyway reducing your carbon footprint can be done by simple cutting down the amount of meat you consume, especially red meat.
  2. Scrap the plastic – This means recycling every bit of plastic you have but also shopping more wisely. Supermarkets are riddled with plastic, it blows my mind. Bananas can be bought loose or wrapped, why? do we need that extra layer, most definitely not!
  3. Similarly to above, bring your own straw/cutlery. I’m a massive fan of a subway salad-love their vegan patty and refillable drink. However this involves plastic cutlery, wrapped in plastic, a paper cup which is accompanied by a plastic lid and plastic straw. You can easily avoid the lid and straw and bring your own cutlery.
  4. Shop for seasonal veggies, even better if you buy from local suppliers! Getting the ‘in’ veg locally means you’re reducing the mileage it has travelled, therefore less pollution has occurred because of it.
  5. Buy quality – fast fashion has become a hot topic in the recent months, I am most definitely guilty of it. However I’m all up for changing my ways to help this planet.
  6. Get turning off – I used to be so bad for keeping the tap running while brushing my teeth and leaving lights on when not necessary. Now I’m always spying switches that have been left on.
  7. Cycle/walk as and when you can, or hop on public transport. Saves you money, keeps you fit and reduces pollution.
  8. One for the ladies, swap your single use sanitary products for a moon cup or fabric towel. Not only will it save you money, but you’re reducing the amount of products going to landfill. On average one woman uses 240 sanitary products, so within a lifetime that’s around 10,000!

There we go, my top tips on living more sustainably. All of these swaps can be done with ease so lets make a change. I’m here for our planet, are you?

Char xo

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