Keep it simple | a guide to clear skin

Skin care is a hot topic within the blogging world as we’re all looking to better our skin. Now if you’re like me you’re probably desperately searching for the product that provides you with flawless skin. Recently I’ve discovered if I keep my skin care routine simple, I see the best results.

Firstly you don’t need to be buying all the latest skin care, nor do you need to buy the most expensive. It’s important to bare in mind that we all have different skin types and a product that works wonders for someone else might send you into an itchy rash-I’ve definitely been caught out by hyped up products.

My skin is extremely dry and I suffer with dermatitis around my mouth and nose. When I have a flare up I have to remove all products from my routine and just wash with warm water as everything just irrates it more. Throughout my worst stages I found that soap is great! In the past I would have never considered putting soap on my face, that’s just a weird concept to me but it made a massive difference. I went from using a cleanser to grabbing a damp flannel and soap, this essentially became my cleanser and exfoliator. The dryness in my skin also means I suffer with pesky spots that linger. Nothing I’ve ever done has calmed them, not even the holy grail sudocream. Just changing up my skin care routine and keeping it real basic has made a noticeable difference to me and others.

In the past I have definitely over exfoliated and this can be just as bad as not exfoliating. I found myself suffering with extreme dryness and spots because I was constantly clearing the natural oils that needed to be on my face. Once I reduced exfoliating to twice a week my skin calmed. As mentioned above I tend to just use a warm flannel as I find other products too harsh. However I would recommend Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty. It is truly amazing for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive. The combination of ingredients bring out the best in you skin and its even better now that it is self preserving.

Currently I’m using Childs Farm baby moisturiser which is proven to calm sensitive and eczema prone skin. For me it’s just the right richness, most moisturiser are too heavy or light. This product makes my skin feel tight and refreshed. It melts in so nicely and the fragrance is mild. Obviously you don’t need to use this but swap in a moisturiser that works best for you. I’m still on the hunt for my holy grail. I used to enjoy a Clarins one but to my devastation it is no longer on sale. Any recommendations would be great!

So that’s it for my skin care routine, simple and quick. On the odd occasion I tone and add a serum but that’s an extra treat for my skin. I like to keep the products down otherwise my skin feels heavy and I wake up greasy.

I’m really happy with how my skin looks. It’s is not the best, I still have blemishes and scarring but it could be worse. I now know that I have found the perfect routine as someone complimented my skin and wanted advice for their daughter. It was such a confidence boost but also great because I was able to offer advice.

Char xo


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