The Cosy Cat Cafe

Yesterday I popped along to a neighbouring village to grab breakfast with a few friends. Of course we had to go to the cat cafe!

It’s something I’ve been desperate to do for a while, I’ve been to one in Canada but that wasn’t enough.

Now what I’m about to confess probably won’t go down well with a lot of people, so prepare yourselves. I’ve always been a dog person….

There’s just something about a dog, maybe it’s the fact they need you and they tend to be more bouncy and playful. This sparked more joy than the thought of a lazy ol’ cat.

However, recently I’ve had this longing for a little kitty who could curl up on my lap, I could give ear tickles but still be independent. Kiki here provided that kitty love I’ve been craving!

To be honest I think it’s the influence of twitter and Instagram and everyone sharing super cute pictures of their furry friends. I need that in my life.

The Cosy Cat Cafe is a home for 11 little furry friends, soon to be 14! As they’re taking on a couple more rescues, one being a ginger Tom called Pumpkin.

All of the cats have been rescued for different reasons and now reside at the cafe. They’re not up for adoption but if the owner feels that cat really suits you’re family you may be going home with a new pet! I definitely had my eye on a little black and white boy, I’ll share more about him in a min…

The cafe is partnered with Cats in Crisis, so this is where all the little cats come from and all donations made go to this charity. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into this job, as unfortunately there’s so many cats dumped and they can’t all reside in cafe. So behind the scenes the cafe works on rehoming the cats, ensuring they’re placed with their furever families.

So let’s get to the kitties! Bobby well and truly stole my heart. He’s a cheeky, playful chap. We had a good play and lots of tickles. I now can’t stop thinking about him.

The cats were all so friendly and up for a good ear scratch. Some got a bit excited and went for the attack!

Simba and Woody liked to stare you out! I think they just wanted treats. I definitely worked as Simba had some of my marmite, oops.

Some just snoozed…

And others made clear that they’re the boss, like Chips. Probably the biggest cat I’ve ever seen πŸ™‚

I had the yummiest crumpets

And a lush peppermint tea, can we just appreciate the kitty spoon. It’s too cute.

I’m already planning my next trip back, a big slab of cake is in order. They had a whole list of vegan goodies!

Char xo

6 thoughts on “The Cosy Cat Cafe”

    1. I fell in love with the spoons so went straight home and ordered myself some! They’re the cutest. Definitely check them out, London have a lot on offer xx

  1. Oh my lawd, I wanna go!! I, too, am a dog person buuut have been wanting a little kitty recently. I have the cutest pup but she isn’t super snuggly so I figure why not add a kitty to the mixπŸ™„πŸ˜‚ This looks like the best place in the whole world. I’d never wanna leave!! You’ll have to let me know if you end up getting a lil fur baby! That is also super awesome that they had so many vegan options!!πŸ’—

    Abby |

    1. OIt was amazing. I’ve already planned my next trip back. I miss them so much. I think when I moved out I’ll be getting a kitty, my dog is huge and definitely not snuggly.

      Vegan cake on order next, they had so many options, I hate to say, almost too many to choose from! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. This is the BEST blog post ever!!!!! They are all so cute, I am yet to go to a cat cafe but its something I want to do at least once every 2 months haha. Love that they have a great vegan range too, ahhh I have to visit <3

    Chloe xx

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