Blogmas Day 4 ❅ Let’s talk SAD

Today’s Blogmas is a deep one, but since it’s the season where SAD (seasonal affective disorder) creeps into peoples lives it seemed appropriate. So I suggest you grab yourself a nice cuppa, a biscuit or two and snuggle down for a read.

SAD, also known as ‘winter depression’ can have a massive impact on someone’s day to day life. I’m fortunate enough not to suffer with it so can only begin to imagine the havoc it causes.

It is believed that due to the lack of sunlight the hypothalamus can’t function properly, therefore resulting in a low mood.

Other common symptoms to look out for:

– Persistent low mood

– Sleeping longer than usual

– Weight gain due to craving additional carbs

– Feeling lethargic

Waking up to darkness and going home in darkness can be a real struggle for anyone. I find it hard to keep my activity levels up due to the darkness. In my head I should be snuggled up hibernating. Reality is that exercise will only benefit your mood, so it’s important to be out and about as and when you can.

So with the days drawing to a close quicker I thought I’d share a few tips of how I’ll be keeping my mind and body stimulated this winter.

Morning walks, watching the sunrise. This is something I’ve been doing for a while now. The fresh crisp morning really warm the soul, especially since the sunrise has been so beautiful – it really refreshes the soul. Alternatively if mornings aren’t too great for you, the sun setting is just as beautiful.

Practising yoga. I’ve been keen to treat my body to some yoga but just haven’t got around to it. What better time to start than over the winter months. You can sit in the comfort of your own home, play some calming music and unwind.

Hot chocolates, and lots of them. You can’t beat a hot chocolate, especially if you’ve got all the trimmings. I’m going to snuggle down of an evening with a nice hot mug and maybe watch a Christmas movie.

Last but definitely not least, in fact probably the most important! Spending quality time with my family. This should always be a given but sometimes life gets in the way. This festive season I’m going to make sure I have all my loved ones around me because they’re here for me and although you may not want people around it’s so important.

You are loved by some many, don’t suffer alone!

If you think you’re suffering with SAD I suggest you check out the NHS information page it’s filled with some great informative. But more importantly book yourself an appointment with your GP.

Hopefully you found this post some what helpful and make use of some of these tips!

Char ♡

13 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 4 ❅ Let’s talk SAD”

  1. 💜💜💜 this is such a great post, thank you for bringing attention to a really important thing to consider in amongst the festivities. I think it’s so important to remember to take care of yourself, and to recognise when you’re starting to feel a little bit low and what you can do to help. Good luck with your yoga! Much love, Anna xxx

  2. Lovely post, and so important to talk about these things! I love going for walks in the morning, even if it just walking to work, the fresh air makes me feel so much better especially if I’m having a bad start to the day <3

    Chloe xx

  3. Great post! I actually suffer from this. I think it is because I have spent so much of my life outside in the sun with the sports that I play. Once it gets dark early I am always more lethargic and sleep a ton! This year has been a little better since I started the blog. It keeps me doing new things and keeps my mind off the darkness!

    1. Oh gosh yes! I’m so glad to hear your blog keeps you active. I trying and get out as much as I can even if it’s raining because I hate doing nothing xo

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