Blogmas Day 3 ❅ Secret Santa Gift Ideas

If you’re as lucky as I am you’ll be rolling into the New Year. With Christmas knocking on the door, the festive meals out commence. I genuinely think I’ve got about 4 Christmas-do’s.

These events don’t come easy on the waist or bank, you’ve gotta get glam and have the perfect outfit. Not only that, maybe you’ve also been conned into doing secret Santa!

Finding the perfect gift is always struggle. For one sticking to a budget is hard! I end up over spending because it doesn’t look like much…

This year as I’ve been shopping I’ve been eyeing up potential gifts to lesson the stress nearer the time. I must say I was pleasantly surprised as plenty of shops had reasonably priced gifts that would be perfect.

I thought I’d share with you a few of my finds…

1) If you’ve got a big budget I suggest you check out this hip flask from Typo. It’s perfect jokie present for a colleague. It’s on the pricer side for a secret Santa, but at £12 whoever receives this will definitely have a good Christmas!

2) Cant go wrong with a mug cake, everyone loves cake right? This chocolatey one can be found in Wilko for a bargain price of £4. Well I’d be over the moon to receive this!

3) Debenhams have outdone themselves with all of their gifts. This PERinase kit is perfect for any Nando’s lover. They also have a three for two offer on so maybe you could grab a couple of gifts and save some pennies!

4) Body shop always pull through when it comes to gift sets. I spotted this British Rose Treats one and knew it would be perfect for one of the lovely ladies at work. For £6 you can’t go wrong!

5) Fluffy socks are something everyone needs in their life, maybe they don’t know it yet but if you get these £3 snuggle socks you sure will convert your gift receiver! Pop some chocolate inside for an added treat.

6) I just couldn’t resist this little £5 pet avocado What makes this gift even better is that it’s hand made and the by buying it you’re supporting an independent business’. This is something I aim to do more in 2019!

7) Back to the booze, everyone loves a drink or two. These boozey baubles will make anyone’s Christmas a little more cheery. For £10 you’ve made someone’s Christmas tree go from a 4 to a solid 11 out of 10.

8) Why not check out what local shops have on offer. I’m sure you can pick up some hand made goodies. I plan to book an afternoon tea at a local cat cafe for my colleague. It’s a bargain at £8, cuddles with kitties, cake and coffee.

Hopefully this post will help you, it for sure will me! When I start getting panicky that I haven’t got anything I can pop back and see goodies are on coffee.

So that’s another blogmas done and dusted. Roll on day 4! Tomorrow’s post talks about something which isn’t often touched on so stayed tuned for that

Char ♡

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    1. I’m so glad it’s been helpful. I must say I found it challenging as I was just leaning towards food…. I wanted to get together an assortment of bits though xx

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