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December has well and truly flown by, it only feels like yesterday when I was prepping my Christmas shopping list and planning blogmas content. I’ve blinked and now we’re here.

I can’t believe blogmas is done and dusted for another year. I intend for my Christmas Day to full of good hearty food but most importantly I’m excited to spend so quality time with my family and just relax. I’ve been loving reading everyone’s content this past month and creating my own.

I’m feeling really hyped for the New Year and I’ll be entering 2019 rather inspired. I thought for the penultimate post, it would be nice to do a little roundup of the blogs I’ve been loving.

I’ve picked 5 amazing bloggers to share with you. It was a tough decision because there’s been so many fabulous posts but I had to whittle it down. These 5 beautiful bloggers have all amazed me with their Christmas content.

1) Anna | The Millennial with Spirit

2) Han | HanMWill

3) Lavrax | lavraxlondon

4) Chloe | lifethroughmydarkbrowneyes

5) Chloe | ChloeChats

I hope you’ve all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and you’ve got your milk (or adult tipple) and cookies ready for Santa’s grand entrance down the chimney!

Char ♡

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