Blogmas Day 23 ❅ Christmas Eve Pamper Routine

If you’re like me you’ll feel the need to go all out for Christmas Day. It’s nice to be able to spruce yourself up, have a little pamper and give yourself the TLC you need. Christmas Day is a prime opportunity to dress up a little fancier than usual. I rarely get all glammed up so I like to go all out on this day!

On Christmas Eve I like to run myself the biggest bubble bath you have ever seen. It’s rare that get the chance to just sit and relax in the bath so this is a real treat for me. I pop on a face mask, play some tunes or watch a bit of Netflix and just submerge myself into the bubbly goodness. I might even grab myself a beverage, see yesterday’s blog post for my tipple this year. I’ll probably be in the bath, cooking myself like a turkey for about an hour. I like the let that face mask sink in!

After my bath and my skin is softened I’d usually give myself a full body shave, and I mean everywhere….

This is probably TMI but I’ve been growing out my leg hair, don’t ask me why as I have no real reason. I suppose I’m just intrigued. I must say, so far it hasn’t been too bad, I mean there’s no one in my life so I’m going full gorilla. Although I did consider have a full leg wax ready for Christmas Day. However the pain and cost quickly put that idea to bed. So this year I’ll be giving the leg shave a skip. Every where else will be nicely trimmed though!

Having freshly painted nails is a must. Due to where I work and for infection prevention reasons, I can never have my nails painted and they must always be short. I was a little cheeky and I’ve let them grow a bit so my nails can look nice.

Painting your nails is such a mammoth task, especially for me who’s an active person and can’t sit still for 5 minutes. I tend the pick the most inappropriate time to paint them and they always end up smudged. I also always have the dilemma of what colour do I choose? Do I go dark or the full shebang with sparkles. Wait maybe both? This year to avoid all of this pain, I picked up some festive fake nails from Primark. I’ve never tried them but I know so many people use and love them. Maybe they’ll become my new holy grail?

My brows need a desperate tint. I have fair hair, hence having non-existent brows . Every few weeks they need a good ole tint. I even pushed the boat out and got them threaded. I’ve been trying to grow my brows but as soon as I do I’m desperate to neaten them up again and go in with the tweezers.

Now if really going for it, I’d begged my to give my hair a fresh trim. However we’ve both been really busy, she’s been doing long shifts so it didn’t really seem fair. Have a fresh do at this time of the year can really help pick up your mood and make yourself feel fabulous!

All this pampering is tiring work, but once done you’ll look and feel good! See you Christmas Eve!

Char ♡

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