Blogmas Day 22 ❅ Christmas Tipple

No Christmas is complete without a nice drink or two, especially something with a little more kick! Ive compiled a few drinkers that will be passing my lips over Christmas.

Let’s start with something non alcoholic but almost as good as. So over the last month I have been totally obsessed with the Ribena Winter Spice. It’s just like mulled wine! I probably have about two a day. I literally have to ration myself otherwise I could chug the bottle in a day. So it’s just like squash, pour a bit into a mug but add hot water. This trumps a hot chocolate for me at the moment, so it must be good.

Another non-alcoholic drink I’ve been loving is Masala Chai Tea. I’ve only recently just discovered this, I’ve had a chai latte but never the tea! I thought the tea wouldn’t be a good as you don’t get the creamy milk to go with but I can honestly it’s just as nice, if not better. I had my first one a few days ago, served with honey. I think I died and went to heaven. The Masala Chai is essentially all the Christmas spices thrown together into a tea pot.

Alcohol wise, I’m all about the gin. Gin has sky rocketed in popularity over the last few years with every millennial and their wife sipping on it. I’m not a massive drinker and I tend to avoid hypes but this was one I couldn’t miss out on.

My go to for the summer was the violet gin. Pure yumminess, slipped down a little to easily…

Obviously I had to change things up for winter, can’t be dealing with having a summer drink in the festive season-it’s all wrong! So when I heard that Aldi had brought out a gingerbread gin, I instantly knew that would be my Christmas tipple. It took me blinking ages to get my hands on it, but finally I succeeded after multiple trips.

Oh I must add I’m a gin and lemonade girl. I’ve tried so hard to like a slimline tonic (save on the kcals) but nope. I have to have mine with a lemonade. My sweet tooth probably plays a part in that.

RumChata is my really naughty, probably extremely calorific drink this Christmas. It’s a cream liquor-much like baileys but nicer! It’s like filled with all the Christmas spices you could dream of, sugar cinnamon, and vanilla are a few. Pop some ice in a glass and pour. Yum, yum.

So there are the beverages I’ll be drinking this Christmas, what’s your tipple?

Char ♡

5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 22 ❅ Christmas Tipple”

  1. I love these recommendations, this winter spiced Ribena sounds so good and so cosy! And I had never thought of gin and lemonade but that makes so much sense, how was the gingerbread gin?💜🍸x

  2. Chai tea is so delicious! I love it 😍 What I love to drink during Christmas time is ‘jenever’ shots, which is a traditional liquour in Belgium. It comes in all kinds of colours and tastes. My favourites are the creamy ones and then especially with melon or gingerbread

    1. That sounds incredible, I love that there’s loads of variations. I’d love to visit Belgium at Christmas, I think I’ll have to plan a trip next year. Then I can try jenever, deffo the gingerbread one for me xx

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