Blogmas Day 21 ❅ Baked Goodies for Gifting

Eeek! So it’s 4 days until Christmas and you have very limited funds but need to get a few more gifts. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back….

Why not make some festive snacks, super cheap and easy. Plus since you’ve made them there’s that extra sentiment behind them.

Today I’ve got pulled together some easy Christmas goodies that will literally take minutes to make. This one doesn’t involve any baking so no need to pre-heat your oven!

I’ve got 4 easy peasy goodies that we’re making candy cane hearts, frosted snowflake pretzels, hot chocolate kits and honeycomb.

These are also a perfect grab and go snack for those of you with a sweet tooth. I’ll deffo be having these as my evening snack with a nice hot beverage.

Candy Cane Hearts

For these you will need 10 little candy canes, I got mine from B&M for a £1. 1 big bar of chocolate and your choice of sprinkles.

1) Place 2 little candy canes together so that the two curls are touching each other. This gives you the look of your love heart. Do this for the rest of your candy canes.

2) Let’s get melting your chocolate! Grab a saucepan and place it on the hob, fill with water and wait for it to begin to simmer. Pop a glass bowl on top and break your chocolate into small pieces. Make sure you keep stirring the chocolate otherwise it will burn. Once all melted take off the hob. Be careful it’s hot.

3) grab a teaspoon and begin filling your fancy canes with your melted chocolate. Make sure your hearts are touching and fill but not too much. This is a delicate process as you don’t want to get too messy.

4) Add the finishing touch of sprinkles. I made mine extra festive by dusting them with edible glitter.

5) Pop in the fridge and allow to set

Hot Chocolate Spoons

If you look at the photo above you can see the hot chocolate spoons. These are so easy to make and are so effective. All you need is a spoon shaped mould, if you don’t have that you could use any mould you have and pop a lolly stick in it.

So just melt down some chocolate of your choice and pour into a mould. I like to bling mine up so I added some festive touches and of course glitter.

Pop in the fridge until set.

Frosted Snowflake Pretzels

These little cuties are super easy but look so effective. You will need white chocolate, I’m not a fan of white chocolate so used caramac. You’ll need to hunt out some pretzels, I found these snowflake shaped one in Sainsbury’s but most shops are selling them this year. Oh, can’t forget the glitter/sprinkles.

1) Grab a flat tray and line with greaseproof paper

2) Melt your chocolate, following the above guide for this.

3) Half dip your snowflake in the choc mixture and place on your tray

4) Coat with the sprinkles of your choice. I keep mine simple and just dusted lightly with different coloured edible glitter

You’ve now got yourself some rather cute looking festive snacks. Too cute to the point you wont want to eat them! I’ve munched on a few of mine but the rest I just can’t stop taking photos of.


Who knew honeycomb would be so easy to make and vegan! Well if you use dark chocolate….

You’ll need a big sauce pan, water, golden syrup, bicarbonate of soda and caster sugar. Oh and chocolate of your choice.

Let’s start by lining the dish of your choice with grease proof paper.

Add a tbsp of golden syrup, 200g of sugar and 2 1/2 tbsp of water to your sauce pan and heat. Allow the mix to bubble for around 6 minutes, stirring in between. Once is gone a golden brown colour remove from heat and add 1 tbsp of bicarbonate soda.

Mix all together, it should go pale and begin to expand. Now pour into your tin and allow time to cool and set.

While cooking you can begin to heat up your chocolate to pop on the top. Once melted add to the top of the honeycomb and put in the freezer for a while.

How cool do all of these look! The hot chocolate spoons added with a giant snowman marshmallow make the perfect hot choc kit!

I made these super cute marshmallows by using cake pens!

See you tomorrow…

Char ♡

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