Blogmas Day 20 ❅ Exploring Local Christmas Markets

Have you popped to a Christmas market yet? I seem to be at a new one every weekend, there’s so many. I love it!

Christmas markets are all about the good food, you’ll find the usual culprits of a German sausage, roasted peanuts or Nutella crepes. They’re also about finding those extra special gifts for your loved ones.

Canterbury throughout December hosted a number of stalls selling various goodies. There was everything from handmade jewellery to paper stars. I so wish I had picked up one of these stars because they are so stunning, I think s special trip to get one is in order.

Local cafes have also had pop up Christmas markets of a weekend. Last weekend I went to one and they had a selection of bits from local artists. You could get handmade shampoo, fresh cupcakes or even a potted plant!

Yesterday I went to the Creative Maker Christmas Sale. This sort of market is soo up my street. It was yet again filled with hand made goodies and unique gifts. All items were made by local artists which is just so lovely as I rarely get to explore the local talent. I find it so inspiring seeing people with their creations. Makes me want to get crafty!

I think the markets are now winding down for the year. Locally we’ve have more events than ever it’s been brilliant. Has definitely helped me get into the festive mood. I can’t wait to see what offerings next year brings.

Toodlepip, pop back tomorrow for yet another blogmas. The end is rapidly approaching. 5 days and counting!

Char ♡

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