Blogmas Day 2 ❅ Finding your fuzzy feeling

Okay, I’m gonna pop a chill pill for this post because I’ve been full swing Christmas/excitable 5 year old ever since my tree rocked up on the 26th November-early right!

I know it’s only Blogmas Day 2 so some of you may be telling me to wind my neck in but I just can’t and I’m here to spread some festive cheer. Even the bah-humbugs at work can’t dampen my mood.

I’ve got 15 ways you can instantly feel festive…

1. Jam out to some Christmas bangers, you can’t beat a little boogie. I’ve been loving the ‘Christmas is Coming’ playlist on Spotify.

2. Christmas markets always warm the soul, especially if you grab some honey roasted nuts or warm crepe. Mmm…

3. If you don’t feel like going out, bake some winter goodies. See suggestion 1. To make this even more merry.

4. This surely is a given but hot chocolate, all the trimmings are essential. Spoiler alert… keep you eyes peeled for a festive hot choc post coming soon!

5. Take a stroll around your village and enjoy the Christmas lights. There’s plenty to see in my village, one house even has its own blinking grotto! I mean most of my neighbours are retired so have a fair bit of spare time.

6. Shake the dust off your fav Christmas jumper and pop it on. I’ve got an entire wardrobe full of garish jumpers and damn right will I be wearing one everyday for the foreseeable future.

7. Movie night. You will need: cozy slippers, popcorn, Christmas pj’s, a duvet/blanket and a snuggle buddy. I may be single this Christmas but my dinosaur hot water bottle makes a great companion.

8. Crack open the celebrations, coz they’re the best (soz roses and quality street). My top picks are malteasers, twix and galaxy. What’s yours?

9. Pop along to a Christmas light switch on. I’ve already been to two so far and I’m not stopping there. I just love the mood, everyone’s laughing and in the best spirit.

10. Wrapping presents for sure gets me into the Merry mood. Especially when I take my time to add extra special details. My present will be embellished with bows, glitter and curled ribbon. My family won’t know what’s hit them.

11. Get the brushed cotton bed sheets out, snuggly bedding is the way forward especially since it’s rather nippy out.

12. A bit of a random one but host a mince pie tasting session with your besties. Can’t beat a festive pie, and I must say Aldi are smashing the game this year. Black Forest mince pies, yes plz.

13. Give a little something. Try your hand at volunteering, maybe at a food bank or a local church. There’s no better way to get that warm fuzz than being around grateful people.

14. Avoid bah-humbugging! If you can feel yourself turning into the grinch, snap out of it! Catch someone’s eye and smile, it will make their day and yours.

15. By far the most important, spend time with your loved ones. I’ve got so many things planned with my family I just can’t wait

Bonus tip: If you’re still not feeling it, I think you need to go back to the beginning and well and truly immerse yourself in the magic. You can’t have done it right the first time…

Now I’ve shared my tips, I’d like to know how you get into the Christmas spirit?

Tomorrow’s blog teaser: ‘secret gifts’

Char ♡

21 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2 ❅ Finding your fuzzy feeling”

  1. I love this post! I have no trouble getting into the festive spirit but it’s great to see if there are extra things I can do! Although, I have to disagree with celebrations being the best, it’s all about heroes haha! xx

    1. I’m glad to hear that, everyone should be merry in December. I must confess I’m partial to a hero, they’re a strong second xx

  2. Thank you for these festive suggestions, I must admit I’m worried I’ll peak too soon on the festive front, but I will definitely look to that Spotify playlist and the Black Forest mince pies to keep feeling merry! In terms of chocolate, I quite like a Milkyway, but I don’t think you can beat the Maltesers one. Have you chosen a theme for your present wrapping?

    1. I must say I’m in full merry madness! I just can’t contain my excitement 🙂 milkway is a strong choice, but always unbeaten is the malteaser! Wrapping paper is going to be a simple so that I can add all the festive decs xx

  3. OMG such great ideas! I’ve been jamming to the songs for DAYS now, and I’ve listened to that playlist! Never fails to get me in a cheery mood 🙂 I have never been to a Christmas market and from what I’ve seen in the UK, it looks so grand and wonderful! Many people here haven’t put up their decorations and lights yet so it’s half festive right now.. I always love seeing a wonderfully and thoughtfully decorated house 🏠✨

    1. I can’t wait for things to get more festive. There’s little bits happening everyday so by next weekend most of the local villages will be lit up xx

  4. Christmas markets are definitely the best way to get into the festive mood! I’ve visited my first one this weekend and I’m already looking forward to the next one! Great post ❤

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