Blogmas Day 19 ❅ Cruelty Free Gift Exchange

I’ve been way too excited to share today’s post with you. A few days ago a rather exciting package arrived at my door. Unfortunately I missed it and I got on of those dreaded red cards! I swear I’ve had more of those than actually Christmas cards…

Off to the post office I popped and I came back with this rather battered looking box. Quite a weighted box I must add. It contained a selection of goodies for me from Anna.

My pal Anna lives blinking miles away so I barely get to see her, we often FaceTime to have a good ol’ catch up. On one of our catch ups we came up with this genius idea of doing a gift exchange but we decided to add a little twist. Everything in the box had to be cruelty free.

I’m trying really hard to be more mindful when it comes to products, I’m staying away from brands that test on animals and I’m trying to buy products without all the packaging. With that being said I’m actually going veggie (for good) and will doing Veganuary!

So shall we crack open this box then? I must say Anna knows me through and through so I have high expectations!

The first thing I plucked out of the box was a pair of festive fluffy socks. Can’t wait to cozy up on Christmas Eve with some snacks and pop on these fluffy bad boys. Oh and the next gift goes perfectly with my cozy evening plans. It’s a HUGE deer mug. Honestly cannot wait to fill it with hot chocolate, it’s like a bucket. Might need to add some (a lot) of whipped cream to make it look full.

Now the next item practically had me in tears. It was love at first sight. If you don’t know I have a Dalmatian called Ralph, Anna got me this hand felted dally holding a Christmas pud. I spent a solid five minutes just hugging it, literally speechless. Sometimes it’s the simple gifts that mean the most and this is just that. I have no shame in saying this, it will be up all year round.

This time next year I have high hopes that Anna and I will be established bloggers, who have got their sh*t together and are boss women. All of that will happen off of the back of reading this book! I can’t wait to get into this, it’s not a book I’ve seen before but from having a skim read it sounds so good.

Anna has been hot on reading my blogs and listening to me drag on about skincare. So much so she’s literally picked me the most perfect beauty essentials. She has got me the yes to carrot moisturiser because she knew I have been obsessed with the carrot cleanser. Honestly love the yes to range to much, one it’s cruelty free and two it does so much good stuff to your skin. Next I opened a lovely pixi lip balm, such a pretty pink shade-perfect for the winter months.

Anna has well and truly out done herself now. She’s made me some cruelty free goodies! So everything here is completely vegan and super tasty. So my little food selection contains vegan chutney and chocolate buttons, both of which you can find the recipe for on her blog. I’ve linked it to make it easy for you! The pièce de résistance are these cinnamon coated chickpeas. I did a live taste test while we FaceTimes. They were good, real good.

There we have it, all the cruelty free goodies Anna got me this Christmas. She’s done such a fab job, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a friend like her-she knows me so well. Pop over to her blog to see the shambles of presents I got her. I don’t even compete with the goodness she got me!

Char ♡

5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 19 ❅ Cruelty Free Gift Exchange”

  1. Anna is literally THE BEST!! You’re so lucky, I really wish I had someone to do this with. And that little dalmatian is so cute, you should upload a picture of Ralph next to it i want to meet Ralph! and that mug is so adorable. I’m so jealous of all of your goodies!! Ahh it’s so Christmassy and wonderful!!x

    1. Honestly, when I opened that Dalmatian my heart exploded. I sat there and took a moment. It was the Christmas pudding. You’re so right I need a photo of Ralph sitting next to my Christmas tree and my little Dalmatian hanging right next to him. He’d love to meet you, he’s a bit like tigger-bouncy… I can’t believe I have such a good friend who not only inspires me to blog but sends me the most perfect package xx

  2. Omg what a great idea, Anna seems to know you really well! Those are fab skincare bits and that Dalmatian is adorable! Let me know if the book helps with blogging 😊

    1. She’s a total babe, I’m so lucky she’s my friend! I can’t wait to get into the book, might find a coffee shop and start it today!

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