Blogmas Day 17 ❅ My Christmas Wishlist

I haven’t made a wish list in blinking years so I thought why the hell not go old school! The older I get the need for gifts become less and less. I currently haven’t asked for much because I don’t really need anything. I’ve got to the stage in life where I prefer giving to receiving. Saying that, there are a couple bits I fancy!

Top of my list is a dressing gown. Currently I don’t own one, how the heck I’ve survived all these years without one is beyond me. I dream of cozying up on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand and a good movie!

I’m planning to do (we’ll attempt) Veganuary and currently I’m obsessed with pick n’ mix, can’t get enough of the stuff. However it’s far from vegan so I need to find something just as good to fix my cravings. I had a quick google and spotted that candy kittens are vegan! I have seen these sweeties around but didn’t realise they were vegan. These will be deffo needed come January.

When browsing primark I spotted a dinosaur hot water bottle and instantly fell in love! I took a picture there and then and sent it to my dad. He’s pretty good a buying for me but sometimes needs some hints, hopefully he got this one!

On yet another browsing session I spotted the cutest frosted flakes cereal bowl and spoon gift set. I’m easily pleased, especially when frosted flakes is my favourite cereal. So to have a matching bowl and spoon and bowl is the dream.

So that’s my list, just a few silly bits which aren’t too expensive. I’d love to know what you’ve asked for, maybe I’m missing something crucial!

Char ♡

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