Blogmas Day 16 ❅ Winter Essentials

Well we’ve had some weird weather here in the UK. Up until a few days ago it had been surprisingly mild, so mild to the point I was running in just a t-shirt. That didn’t last long and the cold snap is here. Icy winds have taken ahold and the need to over-layer is here!

In today’s blogmas I bring to you a few of my winter essentials because we all have those little things that keep us going…

I’m going to kick this off with my most essential item, lip balm. In fact this is an all year round essential for me as I can’t stand dry lips! I always make sure I have a lip balm (or in my case about 10) wherever I go. You’ll find one in every bag, coat pocket and I’ve even got a stash at work in my draw. Totally obsessed. Carmex is my go-to, I just love the tingly feeling it gives you.

I’ve never been a hat wearer but since having my hair chopped I’ve noticed the cold a lot more. Bobble hats have been my best friend when out and about. They’re also the perfect accessory to any outfit. My go to hat has been a Christmas pudding one from primark! I’m so in love with it, the giant pom pom really completes it.

Staying hydrated! I’m so good at getting my 3 litres in over the summer, sometimes I’d even do 4. But now it’s winter, it’s not as easy. I’m lucky to get in 2. It’s still so important to stay hydrated, I notice a big difference in my skin if I haven’t drunk enough. My skin gets dry and flakey and more spot prone, drinking is a simple way to avoid this.

Fluffy socks are a must, they never leave my feet. Sometimes I wear fluffy socks and fluffy boots because I get so cold! I’ve actually become that person who wears socks to bed, I didn’t think I’d see the day. Isn’t wearing socks to bed just the worse, I used to get so irritated and rip them off. Now I can’t go back, toastie toes for the win!

Along with fluffy socks you need an oversized jumper, a good chunky knit! Throw on some leggings and you’re ready for a cozy day. Having that go to jumper is a must some days you just want an effortless outfit and this is just that. Plus you’d look super cute if paired with some boots, teddy bear coat and bobble hat. This is so my vibe this winter!

Lastly we all need a bit of chocolate in our life. I’ve recently taken a liking to Cadbury dark milk. I love thin chocolate and usually Cadbury’s a bit too much, even for my sweet tooth. This is just perfect and melts in the mouth. Deffo gonna melt this down into a hot chocolate-yum.

So those are my winter essential, all the bits n’ bobs that keep me going in the cold months. Have you got something you can’t live without? I’d love to know what it is.

Char ♡

11 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 16 ❅ Winter Essentials”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the lip balm, it’s definitely a must as it’s getting chillier!❄️ Your hat sounds gorgeous as well, I’d love to see it! I can’t live without a good pair of gloves to keep my hands warm, and not forgetting a chocolate orange- this is the most essential of all!🍫🍊 xx

  2. Yes!!! Lip balms are an essential I cannot live without. I too find it hard to drink water in the cold months. We don’t realise we need it. It’s still warm to wear socks to bed where I am but it sounds so cosy.

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