Blogmas Day 14 ❅ Pet Gift Guide

Christmas for your pets has really taken off in recent years. We must be barking mad (see what I did there) buying our pets pressies.

This year I’ve seen some good bits in most shops! Safe to say we must be nuts about our pets, they’re part of the family right?

So I’ve been out shopping and spied some pawfect (see what I did there!) gifts for your little friend.

I just can’t resist a cute outfit and this little set could cheer the saddest soul up. Ralph will definitely be rocking this Christmas number.

Pawsecco, is a thing… How could I not? I’ll be having a few drinkies this Christmas, and now our pets can join in and have their own tipple.

Now this did make me chuckle, doggie mince pies! Erm yes of course Ralph needs those. He needs pudding on charisma’s day, right?

This cat scratching gingerbread house is just amazing! Was half tempted to get it but remembered I don’t actually own a cat and I don’t think my dog would really appreciate it! All the more excuse to get a cat, right?

I saw this on amazon and although it’s more for the human than the pet, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. A treat launcher, how cool! You can essentially play fetch/catch without having to move a muscle, bonus is that they’ll get a treat every time! Pets are easily pleased

Now here’s a gift for your little pets, they can’t miss out on the excitement! So why the heck not make sure they have their own roast on Christmas Day. This one from pets at home has all the trimmings your furry friend could desire.

Now when I saw this, I knew it had to feature. I think this might possibly be the best gift in the Guide. So you know when all the family comes together on Christmas morning, wearing their matching pjs. Why not include your fluffy friend in this! Yes, matching pj’s for the whole family, I can’t believe my eyes. Unfortunately my dog is way too big for this but a girl can dream.

Now you’re all set for a purrfect Christmas (I’ll stop with the pet puns soon) you can relax!

See you tomorrow…

Char ♡

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