Blogmas Day 12 ❅ 10 things I’m grateful for this festive season

In today’s blogmas I really wanted to share some festive cheer. ‘Tis the season for joy so what better way than to share 10 things I’m grateful for this festive season.

1) Kicking this post of with Black Forest mince pies. Aldi have pulled through with these bad boys! Anything cherry weakens me, so to create a mince pie version. I just can’t…

2) Following on from the above point, I’m thankful for the gym. It’s helping me keep some sort of waistline. Think I’ll be rolling into the new year.

3) My blogging bud Anna, she’s constantly inspiring me and keeps me going ? On that nite, we’ve got an exciting collab coming up later into blogmas so keep you’re eyes peeled for that!

4) Shoutout to my colleagues, I’m so grateful for them and their utter weirdness which keeps me going! They’ve decorated every inch of the office, chocolate is brought in everyday and on a daily basis there’s some form of merry madness-what would I do without them?

5) Candles, especially gingerbread or cookie scented ones. They warm my soul.

6) Christmas jumpers, I just love a festive number. I’ve been sporting at least one a week. Next week I take things to the next level, out comes the Christmas dress!

7) Snowy days, you can’t beat em’

8) Bubble baths after a long day at work, especially on a chilly day. I like to cook myself in the bath, I tend to come out rather red and wrinkly, oops.

9) Layers and lots of them. Thick knit jumpers, cozy scarves, fluffy socks, boots and topped off with an oversized jacket. I want them all on, literal walking marshmallow.

10) I’ve of course saved the best till last. My family. They do so much for me I’m not sure what I’d do without them!

I’d love to know one thing you’re grateful for?

Check back @ 9 am for another post, tomorrow’s teaser – a ‘ tasty but useless utensil’

Char ♡

3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12 ❅ 10 things I’m grateful for this festive season”

  1. Loved reading this! I’m definitely grateful for a lot of those things too, especially the gym 😂 Family is one of the most important things and we should cherish it forever ❤

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