Blogmas Day 11 ❅ Christmas must watch movies

I’ve never been a massive movies watcher but for some reason I’ve caught the bug. I think I’ve got a touch of merry madness…

Anyway, before I get on a waffling tangent we should probably crack on with today’s post.

I’ve spent many an evening binge watching Christmas movies, here a few must watch’s

1) Christmas Chronicles. I’ve never seen this until this year but it’s surprisingly good. I don’t normally double watch films but will this one.

2) Of course home alone, it’s not Christmas without watching one of Trevor adventures

3) A Bad Moms Christmas was such a laugh, I’ve never seen this one before but it’s one I’ll be cracking out again.

4) Nativity, absolute classic at this time of year. Deffo puts you in a feel good mood.

5) Elf, do I need to say anymore?

6) Scrooge! Such a good old school Christmas film. I’m yet to watch it this year but I plan to save it for closer to the big day.

7) The new grinch movie is now a firm favourite of mine. Absolutely adored the cartoon, if you’re lucky you might catch it in the cinema.

8) The snowman, an absolute classic. This is my Christmas Eve must watch.

9) The princess switch. I’m not normally into films like this but jumped on the hype as everyone seemed to be watching it. I hate to admit, I did enjoy it…

10) Last but not least Polar Express. Watched this one with my Brownies on their last night. We had a cozy even of hot chocolates and pop corn!

These are my must watch movies, what are yours? I’m sure there’s a few crucial ones I’ve missed!

Check back tomorrow for another blogmas, all about being greatful.

Char ♡

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11 ❅ Christmas must watch movies”

  1. I love most of these, I am still yet to watch any Christmas films so far this month so I might watch one on Saturday 🙂 Love Elf, and yess Home Alone is an absolute must watch!

    Chloe xx

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