Blogmas Day 10 ❅ Meet my Christmas Tree

It’s finally time to introduce you to my Christmas tree. I’ve been eagerly waiting to share my tree, especially since I’ve seen so many similar posts.

I feel very fortunate as this year we’ve been given a real tree. My dad does a lot of community work and a very kind local business gave us one. So I’ve got a real one, yay! You can’t beat coming home to the smell of fresh pine.

I like to keep my tree simple, so we have minimal decorations. However I have added something a little extra this year, I just couldn’t resist! So as I was shopping I found a spray can of fake snow…. it just had to happen. Last weekend I glammed the tree up and I must say she looks rather delightful.

With snow dusted tips and silver sparkly baubles, if I do say so myself she looks rather delightful. Oh yes, of course I have named her!

Meet ‘Hygge’. You may think it’s a random name but it has so much meaning. In fact I’d never heard of this term until I read Keeley’s post all about it. To sum ‘Hygge’ up it’s to feel cozy and content. I definitely recommend you check out Keeley’s post as she goes into much more detail and explains it so well.

I sure do feel cozy with my tree up all the festive lights really make it. I don’t want January to come where I have to take her down. Anyway let’s not think of the sad times ahead, let’s appreciate it now. Here’s some of my baubles!

The photos don’t do her justice, I just adore her so much!

Well that’s it for today, tomorrow I’ll be bringing you some easy snacks, perfect for the big day.

Char ♡

8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10 ❅ Meet my Christmas Tree”

  1. I LOVE the fake snow what a cool touch! I bet it makes you feel like you’re in Antarctica! Your decorations as well are wonderful, I particularly love the Dalmatian ones, they are so cute! Give my love to Hygge💜🎄

    1. Aww I’m so glad you like it’s name! It does feel very wintery with the snow, even though it’s quite mild outside! Hygge said hey 🎄

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