Bee a Good Host -Bee Bath

Tis’ the season for Bees, the little fuzzy bugs that you hear buzzing around every blooming flower. However times are tough for our tiny friends. Climate change, pollution and pesticides are causing habitat destruction, therefore slowly leading to the decline in number of bees.

Without our buzzy buddies the human race would struggled to harvest enough food, currently bees pollinate around one third of our food. It’s time we did something to help them out.

I’ve always been a fan of bees, they’re such wonderful creatures and apart from planting a bee garden (specific plants that bees love) I had no idea of how I could give them the TLC they deserve. With a quick Google search, I stumbled upon a bee bath…

The bath is such a simple make which provides hydration for bees but also doubles as a nice garden feature. All you need is a plate, pebbles, sugar and water.

I found an old candle dish, added some glass pebbles (any pebbles will do) then crested the sugar water mixture and poured on. The pebbles just provide bees a place to land so they can easily grab a drink.

Char xo

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