Arlo and Wolf – My try before you buy experience

Finding glasses that suit me always feels like such a task. I never feel content with my choice-I’m determined to change that. I really wanted to find a pair that suited my style. Also please reassure me that I’m not the only one who get major anxiety when walking into an opticians? I always feel someone’s presence lurking over me. I just want to browse in peace!

Knowing what shape or colour frames suits my face the best is another struggle of mine. Being pale and blonde means not much suits me. I’m also super picky which really doesn’t help.

When strolling past I tend take a look what my local opticians has on offer, but nothing ever strikes me and if it does it’s because mega money. I don’t mind splashing a bit of cash on a pair I’ve fallen in love with but there’s a limit.

My most recent pair of glasses are a black pair from Ted Baker. I’ve grown a serious hate for, not ideal when you have to wear them everyday. It tends to mean I walk around squinting because I’m not prepared to wear them. I definitely should have listened to my instincts and stayed away from dark frames!

I did go down the contact lense route but it doesn’t feel right for me…

So when I stumbled upon Arlo and Wolf I felt a sense of hope, it was a real breath of fresh air! Especially when I saw they offered a try before you buy scheme. Maybe, just maybe I’d find something! Best part is that I didn’t have that pressure to buy there and then or someone watching my every move ready to pounce when I pick up a pair.

Their scheme allows you to pick four frames of your choice to try at home. All of their parcels include a prepaid returns label so all you need to do is stick it on and drop it at the post office. So simple! Did I mention postage is free?

If you like them you can order them with your prescription. All glasses/sunglasses are £65 which is absolute bargain. Especially since that includes your lenses.

So I selected three pairs, however I would recommend selecting the full four pairs as it makes no difference, you don’t have to spend a single penny with this scheme.

I went for the Gosling in Amber and Grey, both identical shapes but in different colours. My third pair was Lara in Tortoise, these are a similar shape to my current pair.

The parcel arrived in a matter of days and the only issue I had is that I fell in love with two out of the three pairs. Safe to say my bank account is going to hate me, especially right before Christmas!

I will be purchasing the Gosling Amber however I might be making a cheeky trip back for the Grey pair.

Char xo

2 thoughts on “Arlo and Wolf – My try before you buy experience”

    1. As you can probably tell from my post, I couldn’t recommend them anymore! Such good price as well. Let me know if you do x

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