6 Ways To Get Motivated This January

We’ve done it guys, we’ve made it to 2019. Maybe 2018 wasn’t your year, it was and it wasn’t for me. My mental health wasn’t great but I managed to shed a fair bit of weight and get fit!

I decided in 2018 I was no longer going to be unhappy with my body, I was going to make a change. So I joined a gym and learnt lots about nutrition. I’ve definitely acquired a few helpful tips along my journey which keep me motivated.

Let’s make 2019 the best it can possibly be, so let’s kick this off the right and get motivated and stay motivated together!

1) Find what works for you. This is so important, because if you don’t enjoy your gym routine you’re unlikely going to want to go and will probably try to procrastinate. Or you might go but you might no smash it to your best ability. Have a look and try different things. I started a gym guide last year a loved it, I got excited for my next session every time because it made me feel good!

2) Having a gym buddy will be such a big help, someone to push you, someone to take turns on equipment with and someone to share progress with. It’s kinda boring going to the gym alone. I dread the treadmill so much if I’m alone but when someone’s with me I just chat the minutes away!

3) Take progress pictures. I can’t stress the importance of this. I didn’t do this and I regret it so much. I know I’ve made loads of progress but it’s not always easy to see that so with photos you can easily spot the changes. This is deffo something I’ll be done more of next year.

4) Set goals, a make sure they’re realistic. There’s no point setting goals which you’re not going to achieve. Set smaller goals which you can achieve in a few weeks. E.g. up the amount of reps in a set or the weight.

5) Take a break! If your body needs it, it needs it! I was so bad at listening to my body, I’d push myself and then that led to negative experiences. Your body will thank you!

6) Have fun! If you don’t enjoy it change it. You don’t need to do something you hate.

If you haven’t seen my Twitter I’ve decided to join in on the #GymShark66 challenge, maybe you have to?

Char xo

3 thoughts on “6 Ways To Get Motivated This January”

  1. I love the idea of progress pictures, I try to do the same too! I didn’t do this at first, so I tried to find some pictures of me each month starting from the day I decided to make a change. I keep them in a folder on my phone called “weight loss” 😂 These were definitely some usefull tips, thank you! ❤

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