21 things I’m going to do in my 21st Birthday month

Where the heck has August gone and why is September rapidly approaching? This means one thing, and one thing only-I turn 21! Well in 11 days to be exact. I’m so not ready to reach this next milestone. I still feel like a teenager. Big nope to adulthood from me.

I thought I’d do something different this year, I’ve never really milked my birthday but this year I’m going to take the whole month and make my 21st truly special, you’re only young once!

I’ve been pondering what to do, I’ve got a couple of things I REALLY want to do and a couple smaller things that are just random but I love the idea of.

So here goes 21 one things I’m going to do in my 21st birthday month…

1. Go for afternoon tea with a friend at The Lane, Deal.

2. Celebrate with my family and friends

3. Take a stroll down by a river

4. Loose 3 pounds (maybe impossible with all the food I plan on inhaling)

5. Bake something new

6. Go for drinks

7. Treat myself to something special

8. Take a nap

9. Wear a jumper

10. Run 5k

11. Read a new book

12. Watch the new Christopher Robin film

13. Plan a weekend away

14. Take a drive just for me

15. Create something

16. Go to a new restaurant

17. Explore a local town

18. Go for coffee and cake alone

19. Learn how to hula hoop

20. Practise yoga/Pilates at least 4 times

21. Have fun

Who knows if I’ll actually be able to achieve them all, I have made achievable but you never know. I’ll check back with you and let you know how I got on with my busy month!

Here’s to another year closer to being officially adult. When does it stop?

Char xo

1 thought on “21 things I’m going to do in my 21st Birthday month”

  1. ‘Take a nap’ is ultimate goals. I miss my afternoon naps, uni lured me into a false sense of security that naps could be enjoyed forever, full-time work says otherwise!!

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